Exception MapD : No match found for function signature toDateTime(<CHARACTER>)


what about software will i install ??

table[table.timestamp_col < ‘2000-03-01’]
return error :
mapd.ttypes.TMapDException: TMapDException(error_msg=‘Exception: Exception occurred: org.apache.calcite.runtime.CalciteContextException: From line 3, column 21 to line 3, column 46: No match found for function signature toDateTime()’)


It is a basic funtion so It would work; i don’t get in which scenario you got this error



you don’t need to use any function to cast a string to date/timestamp

just type select * from table where date_fied = ‘yyyy-mm-dd’ or select * from table where timestamp_field = ‘yyyy-mm-dd hh24:mi:ss’ and the engine will do an implicit cast. so in your case

select *
from table_2
where "time_sell" < '2000-02-01'

you can read the supported date/timestamp formats here


in the paragraph Accepted Date, Time, and Timestamp Formats you will find allowed formate for date/timestamp, in the paragraph Date/Time Function Support the functions to manipulate date/timestamp fields

if you want to use an explicit cast you can add date or timestamp keyword before the constant

select * from table where date_field = date ‘2008-10-01’