Select insert support



Is there any way I can insert data from select statement in a fashion of insert into table1 from (select * table2).
I’m aware that there is “create table table1 from (select …)” however I need to insert data in the same table from multiple tables. Reading docs I see that there is COPY statement but as far as I understand it only works for the files and it seems silly to save my pandas DF to file first and then push it to mapd (useless disk overhead).


As a workaround you can use streminsert Command. Write on a pipe with a copy Command while Reading from the same pipe with streminsert.


Hi @antonio.dolic,

Thanks for your interest in MapD.

Insert into select is on our roadmap, however in the interim you can use the workaround that @aznable suggested.

We will keep you posted as things progress on this front.